Sky Train

FS006 - 2017

Glitter Cliff

FS005 - 2017

Like This One

FS004 - 2017

Cross Step Drag Album

RCFS010 - 2015


Summer Sun - Rex Leon

FS003 - 2014

It's Your World - Irfan Rainy & Rex Leon RCFS002 - 2014


Jacks Vs Herb - Rex Leon

FS002 - 2014


Stelita Rex Leon

Le Jardin Electronique

Irfan Rainy & Rex Leon RCFS005 - 2013

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Rainy City Music 91-94 Comp

A selection of unreleased grooves from England via the Manchester crew Rainy City Music aka Irfan Rainy & Rex Leon. They have been producing House Music together for twenty three years. Listen to the very early tracks that never quite made the first releases in mid 90s and were kept in the vaults. All exude the classic US House Music flavour from NYC, New Jersey, Chicago & Detroit.

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If you have followed underground Deep House Music from the golden period of vinyl then the chances are, you will have come across Rainy City Music. Set up by Irfan Rainy and long time collaborator Cyril Lyons aka 'Rex Leon' Rainy City's limited releases were played by most of the worlds best DJs and taste-makers throughout the mid 90s,.

Freesound Music, set up by Cyril Lyons is now releasing off cuts and exclusive releases from its few artists & proudly promoting RCFS Music (Rainy City & Freesound). Follow us and our varied house styles and keep visiting us for sneak peeks and exclusive mixes.


Have a nosey round the site and we hope to see you coming back for more. Stay true, spread love! Cyril Lyons


Artwork by Norwood & Freeside Media Manchester UK pic png

Artwork by Norwood & Freeside Media Manchester UK pic png